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  • We love 603 Karate! John is an excellent instructor- he makes class fun, but also makes sure the kids take their training seriously and have respect for the art. The price is great too! We would highly recommend 603 Karate!

    Mike and Erin Grubb
  • My son fell in love with karate in his first class. John is a wonderful instructor and is great with the kids. He takes the time to help each child individually, no matter what their skill level. He teaches and demonstrates hard work, integrity and self respect while also making sure the children are having fun. Not to mention he is informative and communicative in regards to any questions or concerns and is promptly responsive to texts/emails. We love it there!

    Sarah Hoidahl
  • 603 Karate has been amazing. Sensei John is great with my son, keeps him focused, serious but let’s him have fun and has increased his confidence ten fold. His classes are an excellent balance of learning, fitness, endurance and skill. So very happy and highly recommend 603 Karate!!

    Amanda Carey Champagne
  • Some the best interactive, engaging instruction I’ve encountered! Highly recommend. John is fun, engaging, professional and brings out the best in students. We've met great new friends among students, too! Join him for a sample lesson and see what we mean!

    Thomas McGrevey
  • 603 Karate is a great place for kids, adults, and families to train in martial arts. I find that the classes are challenging but fun. My kids are learning discipline, respect, and karate while having fun and making friends. There’s also an opportunity to participate in self-defense and bully proofing classes. I highly recommend 603 Karate!

    Shelly Ralston
  • John is a phenomenal instructor. My son has not only learned the art of karate but has learned how to deal with his emotions on a much better level. He has learned how to better control his environment. My son gets excited when he knows it’s time to his Karate class. He also has taken the time with his students to teach them different ways on how to deal with bullying by taking different approach instead of hands on. I Highly recommend 603 karate

    Renee Mariann
  • Awesome teacher, wonderful atmosphere! Perfect balance of learning, discipline, exercise, and fun! Would highly recommend!!

    Steffany Sleeper
  • My 11 year old has been attending 2 classes a week at 603 Karate for almost a year. She absolutely loves it. I have noticed she is much more confident now. My youngest has even started classes here as well. They both love going every week. The schedule is very accomaditing, even if we miss one day, it's easily made up the next! Great for busy families! The dojo is clean, with a nice area for parents to watch, and even a separate room if you have smaller children that need to just run around during class, this room has a live feed of the dojo so you don't miss out on class! I highly recommend 603 karate!

    Naomi Searles
  • John is fantastic and our son has truly enjoyed being a part of 603 Karate. He provides individualized training and takes time to help each of his students develop. 603 Karate came highly recommended to us by friends of ours and I would highly recommend them as well.

    Mark Lester
  • John is very kind and patient with the kids. A wonderful teacher

    Valerie Sargent
  • I've studied martial arts in a number of dojos in a number of styles. 603 Karate is my last dojo. I won't go anywhere else. John is an excellent instructor and the facility is very nice and always clean.

    Bill Deady
  • Karate practice not only helps the young develop a sense of self-respect and self-efficacy, helping them grow confident, it is beneficial for all ages. Karate is not just self-defense. People find inner strength and confidence they never knew they had. I’m in my sixties and 603 Karate benefits my flexibility, strength as well reminds me of my responsibility in my personal safety. Enjoy the caring professional approach by training at 603 Karate. Quality mentoring for children, families and older adults!

    Cathi McGrevey
  • I've been working out with Sensei Guarnieri for a few years now - at White Mountain Karate, in private lessons, and I've attended his dojo a number of times. His background in a number of martial arts adds to the depth of his instruction of techniques in Uechi Ryu. He explains the hows and whys of attacks & defenses really well and can back up their usefulness from his experience as a Police Officer. Working with him is always a humbling learning experience.

    I cannot recommend this dojo enough!

    Matthew Batchelder
  • My boys go there & the place is a great place clean friendly & well organized John is awesome w the kids I love how he teach them respect positive in life & he is very patience w the kids to learn the right way I would recommended him to anyone he is worth it to go check it out thank u John for the positive impact u have made my boys

    Kattie Montambeault
  • John is a wonderful teacher and awesome with the kids as well. My son is enjoying karate and maturing in some areas. I'm also enjoying the Women's Defense class! Highly recommended!

    Erin Stonis
  • John is an amazing instructor. He really understands the art of karate along with the practical uses for it. Every lesson brings forth new learning which helps grow his students. I have learned so much and consider it an honor to attend his class.

    Rebecca Sayre
  • Wonderful program for all ages!! My 7 year old has learned so much. Self confidence, respect, leadership etc. John's class about anti-bullying was wonderful. Highly recommend!

    Ben Bouwens
  • 603 Karate is a great facility! Clean and well thought out! There is a nice waiting room and playground area for siblings! John is a great instructor! He is patient and professional

    Jennifer Guarnieri-Beary
  • Kids Martial Arts Belmont

    We checked out a few dojo’s before we found 603 karate. From the first visit we knew we were in the right place. Sensei Guarnieri was the right fit for our son. He brings a perfect balance of athleticism, respect and fun to the dojo. Our son tested the waters with his behavior, and after a very respectful yet firm conversation, he realized that Sensei didn’t tolerate disrespect. This has translated into better behavior at home and at school. We are so happy that we found 603 karate!

    Melissa Hatfield
  • My son has been attending 603 for well over a year. I have nothing but wonderful things to say and so does he. He had grown confidence in himself and our whole family couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!

    Cori Partridge


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