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We're on a mission to provide the best traditional karate training for everyone from Tilton-Northfield to Concord. Our kids karate classes aim to improve self-esteem and build confidence, create discipline, and teach respect. Our teen and adult karate classes offer practical self-defense training, a fun and exciting path to fitness, plus enhanced focus in everyday life!

Join our community here in Tilton-Northfield and learn how you can gain confidence, cultivate self-discipline, and lead a healthier, happier life through the tenets of traditional Uechi Ryu Karate training!

At 603 Karate, we're giving our members the chance to use traditional martial arts training as a path to advance their lives, careers, and happiness. We provide a positive, supportive training environment with stellar karate instruction. John Guarnieri, the owner and head instructor at 603 Karate, served in New Hampshire Law Enforcement for nine years, and during that time garnered the professionalism, real-world experience, and self-defense knowledge to be able to teach traditional karate with a modern perspective.

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