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Never Regret

I’ve been training in martial arts for almost 20 years, so I’ve met a lot of people along the way training as well, many of which have achieved a Black Belt rank.  In that time I’ve also met just as many people who used to train in the martial arts but gave it up somewhere along the way.

I’ve noticed something that really stands out between these two groups: I’ve NEVER met a Black Belt who said they regretted earning their rank.  However, almost EVERY person who tells me they used to train in the martial arts says they WISHED they had stuck with it!  Interesting.

I’m certainly not saying that someone who decides to do something else besides train in martial arts is destined to fail.  It’s not for everyone and I understand that.  People develop other interests, there are time restrictions, health issues, etc.  There are plenty of reasons that could take you away from the martial arts.  But, of the people who have spoken to me about leaving the martial arts (and I’ve talked to many), almost every single one says they miss it, they wished they had stayed with it, and they hope to start up again someday.

To counter that, NOT ONE person has ever told me they regret their martial arts training or said they wished they had never taken it in the first place.  Talk to a Black Belt especially, in any style, and ask them how they have benefited from their training.  At some point you will have to ask them to shut up because they will go on and on!

And if you train, yes, there are going to be sacrifices.  There are going to be some aches and pains, some bumps and bruises.  There are going to be frustrations, let downs, and days that you just don’t want to do it.  Given all of these negatives, you can only imagine how great the positives are to outweigh these!  It’s an awesome activity that will only pay you dividends in your life.  It is something that you will NEVER  REGRET!!


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