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Success on Display in Northfield, NH

Can you think of someone you would consider “successful”?  Of course, success has different meaning to different people, I understand that.  But stick to your personal definition.  Based on your thought of what success is, can you think of a successful person?

I’m sure you can.  And, if you know anything about that person, I’m sure you can agree that they weren’t born a success.  It most likely wasn’t handed to them, and it didn’t just appear out of nowhere.  Of course some people are more likely to succeed than others just based on life circumstances, but I’m guessing they still had to work pretty hard to get to where they are to be considered a success by you.

Just like everything we do, their success was an intentional act.  They had to take steps to get to where they are now.  They are most likely taking steps now to get to where THEY want to be 1, 5, or 10 years from now.  When you reach a level of success, it doesn’t just magically stick around.  You have to make intentional acts to keep it, grow it, and spread it.  Otherwise you might just end up telling stories about “when” you were a success instead of explaining “how” you have become the success that you still are.

I have noticed a common theme of successful people that I know: they all say that hard work and dedication is what got them there.  There really are no secrets.  There’s definitely no shortcuts.  There isn’t a course you can take or a food you can eat that will magically give you the results that you want.  In our “instant gratification” culture, it actually takes consistent hard work and dedication to become successful, to stay successful, and to grow your success.  I hope this information didn’t disappoint you too much.

Hard work and dedication are on display each class at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.  I see consistent growth and pride due to students' efforts each day.  It’s an awesome environment to be in and I’m so happy to have the privilege to get to see so many achieving their own success.  

It is an intentional act when a student arrives at the dojo.  It is an intentional act when they work hard in class.  And 10 years from now, when this student takes some time to evaluate their life and they are proud of what they have become, I hope they realize that it was through a consistent series of intentional acts that got them there!

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