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Overnight Success Tip!

Have you ever witnessed someone that is really excellent at something and thought “They are so lucky to be so good at that.  I wish I was as lucky as they are”?

I know I have.  I’ve let jealousy seep through and played off that person's talent as “luck”.  How silly. I would even say that it is rude!

Of course some people are more apt to be good at one particular thing over another.  They may have a natural talent at something, but rest assured that if you are sitting back and admiring their skill, then it took more than just natural talent to get there.  There was a lot of extra work and sacrifice involved to get to that point.

It’s easy to look at someone’s highlight reel (AKA: their Facebook page) and think how perfect their life must be.  It’s easy to look at someone’s end result and think how “lucky” they are to be so good at something.  Well, I think we can all think of someone we know on Facebook who portrays having a perfect life when their life is a mess in reality.  And that “lucky” person with all the talent?  It probably took them 20 years to get to that point.

That “overnight success” took uncounted levels of sacrifice to get to that point.  It took working through injuries, dealing with and managing pain, missing events, sacrificing sleep, and dealing with self-doubt and stress.  It took all that unpraised, unnoticed sacrifice to create what we pawned off as “luck”.

Once you really work hard towards something and experience some level of sacrifice to get there, you will recognize this in other people as well.  You will soon realize there was nothing lucky at all about their success.  It was really a concentrated effort towards excellence.  This was no overnight success.

Thank you for listening.  Train hard and with intent.

-john g

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