Secret Success Formula Revealed

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Secret Success Formula Revealed

I won’t even make you read the entire post before you get it.  Are you ready?


There you are, now go succeed!  End of post (but read on if you don’t know what I mean).

E (Event) + R (Reaction) = O (Outcome).

Things happen to us.  Some good, some bad, some indifferent.  But it is how we REACT that will determine the Outcome.  Successful people will react in a way to create a desirable outcome.  Unsuccessful people will react by not reacting, thus letting the Event determine the Outcome.  Doesn’t make sense?

Say for example you fail a test that would get you into a training program for your dream job (that is the Event).  The unsuccessful person would allow that Event to ruin their confidence, not do anything about it, and go from one unfulfilling job to another.  Ultimately they ALLOWED the Event to determine the Outcome (E=O).  Not a good plan.

The successful person, after failing the test (E), would double their study efforts, talk to experts at what they want to do, and not stop until they passed the test (R).  This would equal getting into the training program they want and working the job they have dreamed of (O).  So here E+R=O.  They didn’t allow the Event to determine the Outcome.  They CREATED the Reaction to the Event and DETERMINED THEIR OWN OUTCOME!

I can reflect to a prior career of mine.  I was up for a promotion and thought I deserved it.  My co-workers thought I deserved it.  And I knew I would be good at the job.  In the end I didn’t get the promotion (E).  I couldn’t believe it, and the people I worked with couldn’t believe it either.  I was good at my job, well respected at it, and got along well with everyone.  I could have become sullen and just gone through the motions of my current job (O).  But instead I reflected on things that I could have been doing better at all along to make me getting promoted an absolute.  I found things I could have been doing better at all over the place.  So the next number of months I started working like I should have been doing all along.  I was doing fine before, but I started doing much better and more consistently (R).

A few months later, the person picked over me was not doing a good job and I was promoted after all based on my consistent improvement (O).  Now I still feel I should have been picked in the first place, but I wasn’t.  But I didn’t let that Event determine my Outcome.  And in the end, not getting picked the first time around taught me more than if I had just been promoted.  

I’ve experienced this in the martial arts as well.  I’ve trained with many people who I felt were better than me at something.  I could just tell myself that they are better and that’s the way it is.  But I have always found that applying myself to what I felt I needed improvement on was always the better option and has made me a better martial artist.  I’m far from the best around, but I’m not finished improving either.  That Outcome is always changing.

So just remember “E+R=O” and NOT “E=O”.  

Thank you for your time.  Train hard and with intent!

john g

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