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  • Never Work A Day In Your Life!

    Never Work A Day In Your Life!

    I bet you’ve all heard this saying: “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”. I love the sentiment behind this saying but, I have to say that I disagree with it completely. I absolutely love what I do. In fact, I have my dream job. How lucky am I? While I do feel very fortunate that I have my dream job, I don’t feel “lucky” at all. It was a result of years of dedicated practice and all the sacrifices that came with that. It was a result of making a major life decision to switch careers and open my own business. And, while I absolutely love what I do, I am working hard at it everyday. I’m working not only ....

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  • Never Regret

    Never Regret

    I’ve been training in martial arts for almost 20 years, so I’ve met a lot of people along the way training as well, many of which have achieved a Black Belt rank. In that time I’ve also met just as many people who used to train in the martial arts but gave it up somewhere along the way. I’ve noticed something that really stands out between these two groups: I’ve NEVER met a Black Belt who said they regretted earning their rank. However, almost EVERY person who tells me they used to train in the martial arts says they WISHED they had stuck with it! Interesting. I’m certainly not saying that someone who decides to do something else besides train ....

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  • Success on Display in Northfield, NH

    Success on Display in Northfield, NH

    Can you think of someone you would consider “successful”? Of course, success has different meaning to different people, I understand that. But stick to your personal definition. Based on your thought of what success is, can you think of a successful person? I’m sure you can. And, if you know anything about that person, I’m sure you can agree that they weren’t born a success. It most likely wasn’t handed to them, and it didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Of course some people are more likely to succeed than others just based on life circumstances, but I’m guessing they still had to work pretty hard to get to where they are to be ....

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  • The Price of Karate

    The Price of Karate

    I started my daughter in Karate at a young age. It was a commitment as a parent to get her there. Often times I was sacrificing time with her or some other activity so she could go to Karate. And it was a financial commitment as well. Someone asked me years ago, “why do you pay that much for a young kid to take Karate?” And it was a fair question. At 6 years old, was this little girl going to take down a bad guy because she knew some Karate? Probably not. I didn’t really have a great answer at the time other than she enjoyed it, it was a good physical activity, and she was learning good life lessons from people who I trusted. As many years have passed, and my ....

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  • Who am I?

    Who am I?

    I love helping new students get started training in Karate! It is my passion. I clearly remember getting started in Karate and it is such an exciting time. But, why should someone choose me as their instructor? Who am I anyways? Fair question. In addition to my many years of training in Uechi Ryu Karate, I have a total of almost 20 years of martial arts training. I have years of training in Aikido, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Tai Chi. Each art that I have studied has helped me become a better martial artist. Although Uechi Ryu Karate is my “base” style, each style has helped my Karate improve. I wouldn’t trade my time in those other arts for anything as it has just given ....

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  • Leaders in the Dojo are Leaders in Life

    I’ve been involved in martial arts for almost 20 years now. I’ve been in great classes and not very good classes. As a Sensei, I’ve walked away after a class thinking “that was the best class I’ve ever taught” and I’ve also walked away thinking “I wonder if anyone will ever come back after that class?”. So what is the difference? I could teach the same lessons in the same week at the same dojo and one class might go great where another class leaves a lot to be desired. How can this be? I’ve noticed over the years that everything can be contagious. Good or bad, attitudes and behavior are contagious. There can be a ....

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  • Tai Chi Classes at 603 Karate!

    Tai Chi Classes at 603 Karate!

    603 Karate will be offering Tai Chi classes starting in early 2020. 603 Tai Chi will be offering several Tai Chi classes each week for anyone interested in studying this fascinating art. What is Tai Chi? I’m sure you’ve all seen groups of people moving in slow, beautiful movements in a park either in person or on television. They are practicing Tai Chi. But what is it?? Tai Chi is a martial art, but most people do not study Tai Chi for its martial applications. Most people, such as myself, practice Tai Chi for its tremendous amount of mental and physical health benefits. I know I’ve experienced wonderful results from my practice, many of them being very ....

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  • #1 Way to Get the Most Out of Your Training

    #1 Way to Get the Most Out of Your Training

    One of the questions that I hear most in our Kids classes is “when do I get my next stripe or belt?”. Of course, you have all probably heard my answer by now that we “earn” our promotions, you don’t “get” them. Semantics maybe, but it’s a very important point that I like to make. The other point that I try to make (although I seem to have to make it again and again) is that you should really appreciate the rank that you are now. Appreciate all that you have done to earn whatever belt you have now, even if it is a White belt with no stripes. It took a certain amount of courage, effort, initiative, and action to get to the dojo, try a ....

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  • How to Succeed Under Pressure

    How to Succeed Under Pressure

    Have you ever been good at something, but only when nobody else is around? The moment there is a crowd, or even just one person watching, your skills diminish. You know that you have the ability to do well at whatever it is that you are doing, but when there is any amount of pressure present, you seem to crumble. Does this sound familiar? And how can you get beyond that? When I was growing up I had a basketball hoop at the end of our driveway. I would spend hours out there trying to become the next Larry Bird. I even had an official “Larry Bird Basketball” that I used so much all of the lettering and grip rubbed off until it was simply a smooth orange rubber ball. But ....

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  • Overnight Success Tip!

    Overnight Success Tip!

    Have you ever witnessed someone that is really excellent at something and thought “They are so lucky to be so good at that. I wish I was as lucky as they are”? I know I have. I’ve let jealousy seep through and played off that person's talent as “luck”. How silly. I would even say that it is rude! Of course some people are more apt to be good at one particular thing over another. They may have a natural talent at something, but rest assured that if you are sitting back and admiring their skill, then it took more than just natural talent to get there. There was a lot of extra work and sacrifice involved to get to that point. It’s easy to look ....

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